Over thirty years of experience helping charitable and civic organizations reach their goals has given us the insight needed to plan and execute successful ausement, festival and fairs events. Your organization need only provide permission for the use of a suitable location with access to a water source.  We supply everything for your community event. From liability insurance naming your organization and any other parties involved, to tickets and armbands.  From amusement rides, festival games and fair food, to the experienced personnel required for their operation.

You can choose from a variety of exciting thrill rides, kiddie rides and family rides, as well as games of skill and tasty food concession trailers. You can take pride in knowing we maintain the highest levels of safety, quality and appearance of our amusement rides.

One of the most unique amusement rides is the Fear Factory where you walk an obstacle course but you are 3 stories high and suspended by a cable. It is the only festival ride of its kind in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

You also can choose a Starship 8000, one of the best thrill rides in the amusement business. Its super spinning action lifts riders off the floor for a feeling of weightlessness.

You will love the portable Rock Climbing Wall. Our rock climbers are able to choose their level of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, and challenging) and climb without the dangers of falling thanks to our automated belaying system.

We provide shaded rest areas equipped with aluminum benches and plenty of shade. You also have the insurance that our service goes uninterrupted because of our own power generators to provide electricity to our amusement rides, festival games and concessions.